Post-partum Care

Post-partum Care

Lactation Difficulties:

According to Chinese medicine, low or no milk flow can occur because of a blockage of energy or because of exhaustion and blood loss. Research in China has shown acupuncture to have a 90% success rate in increasing milk supply. Acupuncture can also help in cases if clogged ducts and mastitis. I may also use herbs, massage and diet instruction.

Post-Natal Depression:

Lack of sleep, exhaustion and the responsibility of a new born may all contribute to feelings that range from “the blues” to more profound depression. Acupuncture and herbs can elevate mood, make you calmer and more relaxed, and help keep you emotionally balanced.

Other post-natal discomforts:  Postpartum Lochiorrhea, Insomnia, Body Pain, constipation, frequency of urination.


For some reason, if a new mum is not able to feed, or it’s time for a delactation, Please don’t hesitate to call me and Chinese medicine can be a great help.