Natural Facial Beauty

Natural Facial Beauty Facial Beauty is a natural holistic therapy based on traditional Chinese Medicine. It is suitable for both female and male clients.

I’ll assess your skin and health condition, treat you with natural methods, may use jade facial therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, facial massage, cupping, customised herbal mask, facial steaming(cold and warm), facial beauty essential oil, Chinese herbal medicine, bloodletting, etc. We don’t use any chemical additives, preservatives or hormones in our products, we don’t do make-up, mask skin problems or treat only the skin surface. aims to make you healthy and look truly beautiful by treating the cause of the condition, and stimulating the body’s self-recovery.

At, we do:

Wrinkles, chubby cheeks, dark circles, sag, freckles, splashes, chloasma, acne treatment & prevention; facial colour and brightness improvement; facial nutrition & rejuvenation.

There are four options for your facial beauty at as below, please contact us to make an appointment for your facial skincare. To see if you need to take Chinese Natural Medicine, please contact me for a free consultation.

Jade Facial Therapy $65 head & shoulder massage, cleanse, moisture, scraping, essential oil skincare, revitalisation
Cosmetic Acupuncture $85 customised cosmetic facial and body acupuncture
Comprehensive facial care $138/h or $168/1h15mins Skin and health assessment, head & shoulder massage, cleanse, jade facial and essential oil skincare, cosmetic facial acupuncture, cosmetic body acupuncture, revitalisation, etc.

$198/1.5h Skin and health assessment, head & shoulders massage, cleanse, moisture, jade facial and essential oil skin care, cosmetic facial acupuncture, cosmetic body acupuncture, customised (fresh made on site) pure natural herbal mask, cool/warm steaming, facial massage, revitalisation, etc. Please make an appointment in advance.