About Anna

About Anna

Anna graduated from the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Degree in Medicine. Of the 25 Traditional Chinese Medicine universities and colleges in mainland China, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is the only university whose medical degrees, are automatically recognised by New Zealand, the USA and other countries.

During the five-year full-time undergraduate program, Anna specialised in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Her study included Herbal and Biological Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy (Tui Na), Psychology and Nutrition Education, and a two-year supervised clinical internship at the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital and the TCM Masters’ Clinic in Beijing

After her 2-years postgraduate study, Anna was invited to work as a TCM Expert at the Southern Denmark University, and collaborate with the hospital conducting research into TCM’s treatment of obesity and diabetes.

Anna is a fourth-generation TCM medical practitioner with experience in national and community hospitals as well as family clinics. With 20 years of clinical service and treatment research experience, Anna specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, gynaecological & urological problems, geriatrics conditions, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, emotional problems and other difficult and complicated diseases. Anna also provides amazing facial rejuvenation and weight loss therapies.

Anna grasps a wide range of skills including different kinds of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, massage, dietary therapy and rehabilitation training. For Anna, there is nothing better than to get a result that others have deemed impossible.

As a dedicated practitioner, Anna continues to improve her practice by studying the work of Chinese TCM masters and ensures that all her clients are given an accurate diagnosis and the best care possible.

Anna is an Executive Board member of New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority and an assessor and trainer of Chinese Medicine.