Support a smooth labour

Support a smooth labour

Labour Preparation:

Recent studies in Europe conclude that acupuncture can significantly reduce the duration of first stage labour. In an Austrian study, the average first stage labour was 196 minutes for women receiving acupuncture compared with 321numutes for those who did not. Acupuncture is also effective for regulating and strengthening contractions in stalled labours, in instances of prolonged ruptured membranes and for reducing stress hormones known to inhibit labour progression. It is recommended that pregnant women receive weekly Acupuncture treatments beginning no later than week 36 to help shorten labour, increase relaxation, treat the present diseases and discomforts, and facilitate a smoother birth.

Acupuncture “Induction”:

In cases where you are overdue, Acupuncture can be highly effective at getting your labour started.

Stalled Labour:

Sometimes labour can slow down or stop. Other times your “water” may break and contractions still do not start. Acupuncture can help get labour going again, regulating and strengthening contractions.

Studies have found that those receiving acupuncture had significantly less need for synthetic oxytocin during first stage labour (15%) compared to 85% for those not receiving acupuncture.

Should this condition occur, please call me for a treatment at your place.

Anxiety & Stress:

Stress hormones are known to slow the progression of labour. Acupuncture is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety before and during birth raising your body’s own oxytocin levels and lowering adrenaline.